Mariano De Vincenzo is a consultant of strategic human resource management and organizational design and transformation to many companies.
Mariano De Vincenzo and his associates have a distinctive competence in the in-house assessment of the quality of organizational leadership.
They focus not just on individual leaders, but also on the dynamics of executive teams, providing advice on how to reshape the team dynamics to create a high performance organization.

They help each organization understand what factors drive its success or failure and how to improve its ability to adapt to changing situations. Although one-on-one coaching can be highly effective, leadership coaching in a group setting can also have high pay-offs because changes in leadership behavior are likely to occur.

Group leadership coaching establishes a foundation of trust, makes for constructive conflict resolution, leads to commitment and contributes to accountability: all factors that translate into better results for the organization.

A change methodology centered on group coaching makes for high-performance teams, is an antidote to organizational silo formation, creates organizations without boundaries, and makes for true knowledge management. He also provides tailored workshops to develop participants effectiveness in their leadership roles.

In 1985, Mariano set up a new consultancy company: MdV & Partners.
The aim is to become the gold standard provider of leadership interventions and research at the senior executive level in organizations.

With this Institute, Mariano and his associates wish to continue their activities in developing the essential, often intangible human factor that improves and sustains business results.

The website www.mdvepartners.it provides an even greater insight into the scope of what the MdV & Partners can do for you and your company.

Mariano De Vincenzo and partners (MdV & Partners) applies social science to contemporary issues and problems.It was established in 1985.

The Institute is engaged with evaluation and action research, organisational development and change consultancy, executive coaching and professional development, all in service of supporting sustainable change and ongoing learning.
The MdV & Partners is dedicated to the study of human relations for the purpose of bettering working life and conditions for all humans within their organisations, communities and broader societies and to the influence of environment in all its aspects on the formation or development of human character or capacity; to conduct research and provide opportunities for learning through experience for this purpose; to publish the results of such study and research; to train students in or for any branches of the said study.

The Institute has a history of working with organisations and sectors that are required to look at systemic questions to achieve greater and more effective change.

The Institute works nationally and internationally to promote a learning culture in organisations and communities through developing individuals, groups and organisations in their capacity to think through actions, to change and put into practice new insights and in accompanying a process of change of quality of conversations and engagement.

We are a specialist organisational consultancy and development service with proven track record of high quality work with senior leaders and their teams in national and international organisations across all sectors.
We offer leadership development, organisational consultancy, executive coaching, etc.
As part of the MdV & Partners we share a long tradition and international reputation in the psychological understanding of individuals, groups and organisations.
In all of our work, we help our clients to face up to change.


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