Guiding Philosophy

We help organisations clarify and achieve their aims. Bearing the whole system in mind, we work:

    • with the organisation as a whole
    • with groups and individuals within an organisation
    • at the boundary between different organisations.

We focus on our clients’ aims and on the way they go about their work. We offer partnership with our clients, collaborating in:

    • diagnosis and problem solving
    • designing and implementing organisational interventions
    • managing change
    • reflecting and learning.

 How we work

We specialise in tackling practical issues by drawing on social science theory and method. We conduct regular, rigorous peer and client reviews.

The action research tradition is core to the way we consult.

We consult on

    • organisation design
    • organisational change and development (OD)
    • culture change
    • coaching individuals and teams for leadership and professional development
    • issues of alignment, for example between strategy and operations.

Our clients

Our clients typically bring issues which have resisted off-the-shelf solutions. We tend not to be the right choice for those seeking quick fixes; instead we tailor our responses to the needs of clients who want to make fundamental, lasting changes.

Our staff

Our consultants are skilled in creating safe spaces for our clients to learn from experience and foster experimentation. We listen and respond in ways that balance constructive challenge with effective support. We regularly refresh and extend our expertise, and have a wide set of associates, many of them graduates of our own consultancy education.

For more information please email, Mariano De Vincenzo



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