The matrix theory and scientific reference of our work stems from studies of groups and subsequent application models resulting from ‘research and experimentation of the Tavistock Institute.
The Tavistock method is primarily based on psychoanalytic theory applied to the dynamics of groups and institutions (social analysis) and on the theory of open systems.

In the analyzes and interventions on social processes and organizational dynamics we share the need for an interdisciplinary approach that tries to talk to each other – both in principle and in practice – the various disciplines that contribute to the understanding of the institutions and of human work, such as psychoanalysis, the social sciences, anthropological and economic psychology, educational science and the theories of the organization.

Our working method has its foundation essential in the operation of the group.

From their studies of the Tavistock Institute, have originated among other things:

      • the concept of emotional functioning of the group as developed by Bion’s theory of “basic assumptions”;
      • the design of social systems as defenses anxiety, developed by Elliott Jaques and Isabel Menzies;
      • a comprehensive set of studies on the authority, leadership, roles and institutional boundaries, especially through the work of Eric Miller and Kenneth Rice;
      • the discovery of Gordon Lawrence of the social significance of the dream (“Social Dreaming”);
      • the concept of organization-in-the-mind developed by David Armstrong;
      • and more generally, the studies on the importance of emotions in human labor and life of organizations.




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