Change | Transition Management

In today’s fluid business climate, change is a fact of life. Organizations that cannot adapt will be left behind.

Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, re-engineered processes, organizational culture improvement, layoffs and other major upheavals all have a human dimension that needs to be taken into account.

Your people will have a variety of reactions, ranging from out and out resistance, to subtle sabotage or a desire to abandon ship by resigning, all the way to enthusiastic support and involvement.
Whereas an organization can make a change, people need time and structure to metabolize and adapt to it – they need a transitional period.

I can help you to design and implement a transition that respects and even capitalizes on peoples’ reactions.

Many well thought-out changes founder on the rocks of transition.

The history of business is full of failed mergers, acquisitions, and change efforts. Don’t let that happen to your organization.

We provide consultation to organisational change and development to improve organisational effectiveness.

We bring a systems-wide perspective informed by organisational theory and consultancy practice, which includes:

      • team development
      • change management
      • management development
      • strategy development and implementation
      • organisation design
      • leadership development, including coaching
      • culture change
      • partnership working.

We use an action research framework to which the consultancy team bring a range of theory, methodologies and practical experience, including systems psychodynamics, socio-technical systems and evaluation research applications in large-scale social and organisational systems.


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