Family Business Interventions

While family businesses drive the Italian and European economy, they also present unique challenges.

The interlocking and overlapping of family, ownership, and operations relationships are complicated, and often get in the way of success.

Succession issues are particularly potent in family businesses, as sibling rivalry and other family dynamics combine with generic succession issues to super-charge the emotional atmosphere.

We understand the dilemmas inherent in family businesses.

Decisions that seem best for the family may cause serious problems in the business. Conversely, the best business decisions may be difficult for some family members to accept.

The keys to growing a family business and maintaining healthy family relationships are trust, strong family values, and open communication. Family businesses transitions are complicated because they involve not only sound business planning but also interpersonal dynamics between siblings and parents. In family businesses, fair process is vital for enabling successful transitions and continued success.

Embarking on these transition processes can be arduous.

Family businesses frequently need a specific type of consultant to guide the way through the inevitable psychological traps.

Although a solid understanding of business processes is helpful, a clinical understanding of family dynamics and interpersonal relations is critical.

MdV’s consultants understand family values and how best to connect family values to business practices.

We help our clients achieve a balance between the goals of business prosperity, family harmony, and personal well-being.

We know how to launch high-engagement cultural change efforts.

We explore solutions for family and business issues, decide of fair courses of action, and guide the family and business to assure continuity from generation to generation.

The family business interventions we propose are proven success strategies based on our deep clinical insights into human behavior.

I am uniquely qualified to help untangle the web of family and business relationships in family enterprises.

My expertise in working with families provides added value in my role as management advisor.



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