Morale | Turnover | Burnout

Work is hard.

But it doesn’t have to be THAT hard! It doesn’t have to be painful.

Ask people who leave their jobs why they are exiting, or ask victims of burnout what is stressing them out, and the most common reasons have to do with the people with whom they work. Or office politics. Or a persistent conflict.

It’s usually not the work that is stressful, it’s the work environment. And when the work is stressful, it can be made more bearable by a better work environment.
An overly stressed work group is very expensive.

People do not work well when they are burned out. And turnover costs a lot: new people have to be trained and brought up to speed, during which time they are not productive (and those training them are distracted from their main jobs).

Recruiting and training costs run close to the annual salary of the position.

Every time someone leaves, morale and productivity suffers for everyone else.

Burnout and work stress also has a major impact on people’s health and medical status, leading to higher medical expenses for the individual and the company providing health insurance.

I work with management teams and executives to help identify why people are leaving or suffering. And then help them to address the underlying issues.

Turnover is always a symptom of some organizational dysfunction, and that same dynamic is affecting your bottom line in other ways, too.

Getting at the root of the problem is always the most cost-effective way to solve it.


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