Strategic Planning

Many strategic planning efforts are hamstrung from the outset because they only tap the expertise of a sliver of an organization: people at the top.

People at every level of your organization have important perspectives and good ideas, borne of their unique experience and position in your business. Even further, other stakeholders also have important data to provide, including customers, vendors, and regulators.

You don’t want to miss out on their input, which could spell the difference between success and lackluster performance in the future. And including them in the process virtually insures widespread buy-in to whatever plan emerges, making implementation much easier.
But including many stakeholders in a strategic planning process takes careful preparation, a flexible mechanism for integrating many opinions, and well-trained advisors for the leadership.

I can help to create a retreat or Future Search event, or other format designed to tap the many layers of expertise available in your organization.


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