Succession Planning

Passing the reigns on to a new person, or new group of leaders can be a risky period for any organization.

The waters are filled with hidden hazards, such as competition (with disgruntled losers), a confusing transition period (when no one is sure who is really in charge), difficulty for the outgoing boss to let go of control (setting up destructive competition between the old and new boss), and reluctance for subordinates to shift loyalties to the new boss and his or her newfangled ways (including potential for undermining the new boss).

These are, to some degree normal parts of succession, and you need to be ready to deal with them.
I can help by assisting with planning for the transfer of authority, preparing the organization for the impending changes, and working with groups and individuals to insure a smoother transition.

An outsider who is neutral in regards to the inevitable competition and reactions can be invaluable in keeping the organization on track through the succession shoals.

“Great leaders create authentizotic organizations – places where people perform at their best. What will be their acid test, however, is how well their successors will do. These kinds of leaders spend an enormous amount of time and effort in coaching and mentoring their people; and as ‘dealers of hope,’ they know how to open the minds of their people, speak to their collective imagination, and create a group identity.”
— Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries


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