As with everything I do with you, the contract governing our relationship is customized to the needs of the particular situation.

My aim is always to provide accurate estimates so that you can budget accordingly.

With this in mind, I have found that certain features are important and helpful.

For ongoing work, my experience is that working on a monthly retainer is much better than charging you by the hour.

With a retainer, you do not have to wonder how much it’s going to cost you every time you pick up the phone to call me or send me an email, and you can budget your resources more predictably. And I am freed from the drudgery of counting minutes so that I can actually focus on the situation at hand. We can agree on a monthly retainer fee based on a mutually agreed upon estimate of my monthly time on your project. If it turns out our estimate is not accurate, we can adjust it next month.

For specific events such as retreats or conferences, I will give you a separate estimate for the cost of my work. This will include preparation time, as well as follow-up or report-writing.

Expenses other than my services (supplies, venue costs, food costs) will be your responsibility.


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