Individual and team coaching

The human being is structured in social contexts.
Since the birth is part of a group, family, and performs its existence within groups (peers, social organizations and work, etc..). For this reason it is prepared to stand with the others.
Group membership stimulates special psychic organizations.
The individual and group coaching, the study of group dynamics, group-experiential training and supervision group are examples of organizational devices that propose to investigate these dynamics in relation to the specific context within which they are specific express.
L ‘attention of the conductor is given as a priority to the group and its manifestations, while leaving to each participant the task and the freedom to take what has been experienced in the group.

Group Supervision

It is not uncommon that Life of the institutions is crossed by moments of conflict and / or crisis that make the life of users and operators subject to suffering.

The Group supervision is a valuable tool for knowledge and intervention.

The device puts its focus on the group, its organization, the links and alliances unconscious co-organized by the members; alliances that give structure to the life of the group, often beyond the control of individuals.
The Supervision leads into the analysis:

      • relational dynamics that develop between users and / or between operators and users.
      • ties and alliances unconscious often a source of distress and suffering within work organizations.
      • the effects and inter-organization processes of life of individuals.


MdV offers individual and group coaching within organizations. Both kinds of coaching may be combined to resolve personal and group issues. Individual coaching addresses interpersonal relationships, and/or personal growth, and leadership abilities.

Group coaching also addresses these issues but within the context of group dynamics. Our different individual and team oriented multi-party instruments help these developmental efforts.

Team Dynamics

Team building is one of the most efficient ways to bring about enhanced team performance and cohesion through improvement in individual performance.

Traditionally, a team-building exercise emphasizes issues like common goals, role expectations, and clear communication.

MdV tackles all these issues while recognizing the various psychodynamic/systemic forces that operate in teams. Our principal aim is to build trust. Trust encourages commitment and accountability, and leads to better results.

Experience has taught us that the group coaching intervention technique improves our understanding of team dynamics.

We all have different styles of working and communicating. When we encounter people with styles very different from our own, we can become frustrated and fail to recognize their unique strengths. Sometimes we need help to accept the obvious—that we are all different, and that not everyone thinks like we do.

The group coaching intervention technique helps us appreciate other people’s strengths and weaknesses, and to build on each other’s strengths.


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