Why MdV and Partners

We are all experienced organisational consultants and coaches trained in the psychological understanding of organisational behaviour.

We work continually to refine and develop our model and are considered ‘thought leaders’ in the field.

We have a wide national and international reach through our network of highly experienced associate partners.

We understand the dynamics of difference and what goes on below the surface to prevent groups from achieving collaborative and effective working relationships.

We are experts in organisational dynamics – HOW people work together.

We focus on relationships and communication, we deal with what is messy and difficult to think about in order to help our clients take up their roles more effectively.

We work with you, with your team and with your organisation set in the wider system of systems, the complex context of real-world organising, in all sectors.

Our work is founded on the belief that learning from one’s own experience is the most powerful type of learning and crucial if new ways of behaving and innovation are to be sustained.  

Feedback and reflexive learning are inherent to facilitating change.

We believe that learning is accelerated by the challenge of working with real and current issues, and by working in groups that support and encourage development.

Everything that I do with you is customized. I don’t use “canned” programs or workshops because one size never fits all, and often it fits no one.
There is nothing so frustrating as investing time and money into a consultant and finding that they did the same thing with you as with their last client. Instead, I always start with an organizational assessment in which I meet with individuals and groups (determined together with you) in your organization, and observe regular meetings to identify the particular dynamics and factors affecting your situation.
Only then do I recommend steps to take that are aimed at these issues, taking into account your organization’s culture.


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